Mission Statement

We assist incarcerated citizens in their successful transition back into the social, civic, economic, and technological community through advocacy, education, and peer support.

What We Do

We work with returning citizens to co-create customized “Life Plans” that meet their unique challenges, circumstances, and vision for the future. We help them cultivate people skills, connect them to paths of self-sufficiency and assist them in building a community of supportive friends. We also educate and partner with youth and their families to disrupt pipelines to prison.

How We Do It 

Through consultation, active listening, and utilizing the wisdom of formerly incarcerated individuals, we help returning citizens identify and meet their needs for a successful future. The UVO network matches returning citizens with resources to help them achieve their goals, and provides them mentorship and support. We honor the individuality of people, and foster respectful partnerships between community (parents, educators, counselors, therapist, wellness coaches) and returning citizens.