Plugging The Pipeline To Prison

P3 Program is designed to inspire at risk youth to increase self awareness, enhance cognitive thinking,  foster critical reading, critical writing, critical dialogue (communication), critical listening and to develop self-efficacy. Upon completion of our program participants will be able to claim their own authentic identity, demonstrate confidence in their own creative abilities, and clearly realize the force of their choices and how they co-create their destinies.

Participants in program will:

  • Analyze song, poetry,  and prose to identify personal connections.

  • Identify errors in thinking

  • Sharpen critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills as fundamental needs to avoid the pipeline to prison.

  • Re-imagine Identity

  • Affirm Self Determination

  • Familiarize with basics of finance and how to acquire a common stock through a DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan).

  • Customize their Vision Plan for success

We Must Save Our Youth from Prison!

We Must Save Our Youth from Prison!